The SOStain programme


Sustainability is not a prerogative of organic, biodynamic or integrated viticulture.
Sustainability embraces these definitions and goes further, adopting an approach based on the measurement and the reduction of environmental impact.

SOStain, the programme for sustainability in Sicilian viticulture, is open to all Sicilian wine-producing companies, whether they are organic, biodynamic, natural, integrated or other kinds of wine producers.… The sustainability programme can be an important driver of competitiveness, especially in foreign markets, giving visibility to the Sicilian territory as a whole, and to wine companies in particular, and is therefore an effective tool for local development.

Acquire updated technical and scientific knowledge on sustainability at the local, regional, national and international level.

Define and apply a system of indicators to assess the environmental, economic and social performance of sustainable development models.

Promote, through the companies adhering to the Programme, practices aimed at continuous improvement of sustainability levels. This goal will be achieved through a reduction in environmental impact obtained through careful and conscious agronomic management sensitive to the needs of the territory.

Reduce, with downstream effects, the environmental impact of suppliers of goods and services throughout the production chain.

Enhance and protect natural, social and cultural resources, contributing to the maintenance of tradition and culture, which constitute a wealth of values ​​inextricably linked to Sicily and its wine-making tradition.

Create a system shared with other domestic and foreign companies to ensure the sustainability of the sector and the continuous improvement of the processes, products and the eco-friendly services of agricultural businesses.

The governance model


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